Building a Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitable India

Who We Are

The ClimateRISE Alliance is a collaborative platform that aims to build knowledge, consensus, and common outcomes with over 100+ civil society organizations working at the intersections of climate & building resilience for the most vulnerable communities. The Alliance’s objective is to shape an India view, a common vocabulary, and enable a multi-stakeholder engagement approach on intersectional climate action in India.

Our mission is to build a Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitable India by placing people, nature and the climate first.

Our Alliance Partners

Our Guiding Values

We recognize that climate intersects with various social, economic, and environmental issues. Our approach embraces intersectionality, considering the diverse vulnerabilities and systemic inequalities that different communities face, and addressing the interconnectedness of climate change with other global challenges.

We aim to shape an India-centric narrative of climate action. Our focus is on highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities for India, showcasing local solutions, and fostering collaborations between India and the world.

We prioritize building the resilience of communities at the forefront of climate change impacts. Our efforts are centered around empowering and supporting vulnerable communities to adapt and thrive in the face of climate challenges.

We are dedicated to empowering vulnerable communities to actively participate in climate action and decision-making processes. We strive to amplify their voices, ensure their inclusion, and support their capacity-building efforts to become agents of change in building  resilience.

We foster a culture of collaboration and shared learning. We value our partnerships and believe in the power of consensus and collective action to drive transformative change.

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